Make the most of Te Anau Events

Te Anau events is set to help all organisations, large or small and help you, the user, get the most out of this site.

Share an event

Share an event with your friends! Just use the share buttons at the top or bottom of each page or event.

Add to your calendar

Add a single event to your own calendar using the link at the top of each event page or the whole calendar so you know everything that's happening as soon as we do! This can be any calendar like iCal, Google, Outlook, even Facebook.

Subscribe to Whole calendaR

Add your event

PLEASE add your event to our calendar - the more we have here the more everyone will benefit... and the better your exposure will be!

Get alerts

Coming soon! We're planning on a new newsletter email system to keep you in the weekly loop.

Enter an event

If there's an event on chances are we have the entry form. Just look for the event you're after, click the Get tickets/Enter button and you'll find a list of the forms you need. You can fill them in right here and pay for your entry at the same time.

Local's detail

See all the events at once with the local's view... We plan to have every event in Te Anau on our site, large or super small. So if your club has a weekly meeting... add it to the calendar so everyone knows what's on when. Save on meeting clashes!

But you'll need to show the smaller community events... or you might miss out.

Just visiting?

Just visiting the Fiordland area? Great to see you! All the local events are filtered out by default - we figure you're probably not interested in that level of detail. But hey, maybe you are, in which case just use the local's view to include them.