Milford Mountain Classic

Milford Mountain Classic

Riders at the start of the Milford Mountain Classic in Milford Sound

The 2022 date has been set for Saturday the 19th of February.  Details and entries will be available soon. 


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2022 information

Milford Mountain Classic - General information

The following event information pertains to all categories. You may also find useful information on the race FAQ. For specific information relating to each sub-event, please follow these links:

Meridian Milford Mountain Classic 
Ride Holidays Homer Hundred
Fiordland Lobster Eglinton Challenge

Terms and conditions

Entry form


Pre-event information will be corresponded via your registration email address, this website and the Facebook page. Please check these regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on any vital information.

Race packs & registration

Race packs will be available for collection from the Meridian event marquee at Lions Park, Mokonui Street as below:

  • Friday 18th February: between 6.30pm – 8.00pm
  • Saturday 19th February: between 7.30am – 11.30am

Competitor Transport

While your entry fee does not include transport to the start of the race, we do offer a competitor and bike transport service for the event.

Pre-event transport (riders and bikes) to the start of each category must be booked through the online entry process.

Departure (coach and bike transport) is from Lions Park, Te Anau (entry & parking best from Mokonui Street) on Sunday 7 February.

  • Meridian Milford Mountain Classic BIKE departure is: 9.30am so please have your bike to Lions Park by 9.15am
  • Meridian Milford Mountain Classic COACH departure is: 10am so please at Lions Park by 9.45am
  • Ride Holidays Homer Hundred BIKE departure is: 9.30am so please have your bike to Lions Park by 9.15am
  • Ride Holidays Homer Hundred COACH departure is: 10.45am so please at Lions Park by 10.30am
  • Fiordland Lobster Eglinton Challenge BIKE departure is: 11.30am so please have your bike to Lions Park by 11.15am
  • Fiordland Lobster Eglinton Challenge COACH departure is: 11.45am so please at Lions Park by 11.30am
  • Bike Transport to Starts must be booked online at time of entry:  $15.00/head
  • Entrant Transport to Starts must be booked online at time of entry:  $15.00/head

Reserve Day

There is no Reserve Day.

In the event of severe weather on the western side of the main event, race organisers may shorten the course/change the start location, if deemed necessary for safety of competitors and the public.

Race numbers

Your race number will be in your race pack that you collect at registration on the day of the event. The race numbers must be attached to your back for the entire event. Attach your race number using the 4 safety pins provided. Seat post numbers provided (stickers) should also be attached, as you will likely have clothing changes during the race.


Timing will be via Ultra System and will be via foam encased chips on the back of your race number.

The race numbers/chips do not need to be returned.

Cut-off Times MMC, Homer Hundred

We have never felt the need to enforce cut-off times on the course to date.

Naturally with our new start times for 2022, we envisage being finished “well before dark”, around an estimated 7.30pm.

However, if a rider is so slow that any individual or two are at least an hour or more behind the next last few and the pack-up and marshals in Te Anau are unreasonably delayed, we will impose a cut-off and give the rider a lift back to the Finish.

What’s provided on the Course

Drop bags

You can use a bag as a drop bag in which you can leave gear at the start. Your bag will be taken to the finish area at Te Anau for you to collect.

Race Number and name must be on the outside of these bags for us to verify the correct owner.

Uncollected bags and any other lost property will then be available at the breakfast prizegiving at the Distinction Luxmore Hotel, 41 Town Centre, Te Anau.

Aid stations

These will be provided at:

  • Knobs Flat (65kms to go)
  • the top of Retford Hill at (35km to go).
  • Additionally, tail end vehicles will assist back marker riders as required.


Toilets are available on the course at The Divide, Knobs Flat and at Te Anau Downs, as well as additional toilets just off the highway in camping sites, where indicated by Department of Conservation signage.


The event is primarily cycled through the Fiordland National Park. We are required to leave the National Park as we found it so would greatly appreciate all riders and supporters carefully managing their own rubbish. Littering the course will endanger the future of this race so please take out what you bring in – naturally this applies to the whole of the course!

In the approach to each aid station we request that drink bottles are only discarded within the zone near the drinkstation’s the water-table, so they are visible and readily able to be collected.

Bike mechanics

Limited assistance may be available at each start assembly area, but you are generally expected to be self-sufficient.

First Aid

Paramedics will be on course

Sag wagons

These will tail end the whole courses for all three sub-events

Course Safety

Safety is paramount. The long-term viability of the Event hinges on a good safety record. Organisers have taken all possible steps to ensure safety of competitors and the public, but we need your help!

All entrants must abide by the following rules:

  2. Obey the course marshals’ directions – they are for your safety
  3. Parking will be only permitted at designated sites on the Course, (particularly within the actively managed zone between Homer Tunnel and The Divide where there will only be 3 sites: The Eastern portal of Homer Tunnel, the Monkey Creek Carpark and at The Divide. Those who park here will only be able to move off in convoy behind the tail-end vehicle and be able to resume normal travel where safe to pass from The Divide). Elsewhere on the Course parking must be in safe parking areas only, well off the road.
  4. Only road cycles are permitted in the Milford Classic and Homer Hundred.
  5. Aero bars are prohibited.
  6. E Bikes are welcome in the Eglinton Challenge, but not the two longer sub-events.
  7. All traffic laws must be obeyed. Police Traffic officers and Officials will be patrolling the course.
  8. There are NO ROAD CLOSURES on the course therefore normal road rules apply throughout the duration of the event. Emergency vehicles and race officials will be moving around the main bunches so keep an eye out for oncoming vehicles at any time. You may expect following and oncoming traffic at any time.
  9. It is an absolute 'no' to ride (other than in short overtaking manoeuvres), more than two abreast. There are many sections with noticeably short line of sight and impatient drivers are known to undertake risky passing. Similarly, peloton groups of more than 6-8 are discouraged, for the same reasons above.

Finish for the Race

All cyclists will finish on Lakefront Drive, adjacent to Distinction Te Anau Hotel and Villas, crossing the finish line timing mats and into the finishers' area.

Services available at the finish line on the Te Anau Lakefront, outside the Distinction Te Anau Hotel & Villas will include:

  • First Aid
  • Aid station (food and drink)
  • Drop bag collection


Breakfast will be held at 8.00am on Sunday 20th February 2022, at the Distinction Luxmore Hotel's Hilights Restaurant, 1st floor function room. (A sharp start to get those who have travelled from afar, on the road homeward promptly).

Tickets are $20.00 per person which should be ordered when completing your online registration (please also indicate additional supporters breakfasts if required).

A short prizegiving will be held (at the same venue) at 8.45am. Those not wishing to have breakfast, are most welcome to join us there.

As well as the Event trophies and prizes, there is a fantastic array of spot prizes up for grabs - but you must be present at the prizegiving breakfast to receive these.

Lost property and uncollected drop bags from the Finish will be available at Prizegiving.

Prizes & Trophies

Apart from the event’s trophies, all others are spot prizes. You must be present at the prizegiving breakfast to receive these.


Confirmed official results will be on this website within 3 hours after the completion of the event.

Local Information

For further information about Milford, 120km from the start line, click here.

For further information about Te Anau, the finishing location, click here.

Recommended Routes to the Start

Click here to download a route map of the drive to Te Anau

Note: Drive times to Te Anau as follows:

  • ex Christchurch (652km)    8hrs
  • ex Dunedin (290kms)    4hrs
  • ex Queenstown (170kms)    2.25hrs
  • ex Invercargill (152kms)    2hrs

Click here to download the course route from Milford to Te Anau {{To follow}}

Note: Drive time Te Anau – Milford (120kms) – allow a minimum of 2 hours

Click to download the Te Anau street map

Click to download the Milford township map

Course Services

Fuel: there is no fuel available for purchase at Milford Sound, or anywhere once you leave Te Anau – ensure you have sufficient for the 240km round trip!

Toilets: toilets are available at the parking/assembly area and on the course at The Divide, Knobs Flat, and at Te Anau Downs as well as additional toilets just off the highway where indicated by Department of Conservation signage. A large new facility is on the Foreshore side of Lions Park, adjacent to the Finish.

Rubbish: The first 80kms is cycled through Fiordland National Park. We are required to leave the National Park as we found it so would greatly appreciate all riders and supporters managing their own rubbish. Littering the course may jeopardise the future of this race.

Cell phones: due to the mountainous terrain there is no cell phone coverage (either Telecom, Vodafone or 2degrees services) from shortly after leaving Te Anau (Te Anau Downs hill).

Terms and Conditions of Entry

Click here to view the terms and conditions of entry:

Terms and conditions

Entry form

Event Date: 
Saturday, February 19, 2022
Milford Road
Event Price: 

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