Te Anau Clinic Series

Te Anau Clinic Series

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Thursday, September 30, 2021
1793 Blackmount Redcliff Road, RD1, Te Anau, New Zealand
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OUR CLINIC SERIES IS COMING TO TE ANAU ON THE 30TH SEPT TO 2ND OCT, MORE INFO AND TICKET LINKS BELOW! Build strong foundations to achieve your Horsemanship dreams! Learn the secrets to a deep, lasting connection with your horse. Whether you’re spectating on the sidelines or riding your horse, there’s something for everyone in this transformative Clinic series! THE "UNITING HORSE AND RIDER" CLINIC SERIES IS COMPOSED OF: 1 — The 3-Day Journey to Freedom Clinic 2 — A Spectator Event 3 — The Life with Horsemanship Demonstration Happening in Te Anau! BE THE FIRST to get updates on Clinic schedules in your region! This event will never expire, we will put the next dates up continuously so you always know what's happening in your region. Click ‘GOING’ below to get notifications for upcoming Clinics and other Horsemanship events by Dromgool Horsemanship in the Northland region! We're bringing the Dromgool Horsemanship philosophy to a series of Clinics near you! ———————— JOURNEY TO FREEDOM 3 DAY CLNIC - Build a lifelong partnership founded on trust! Feel safe and confident whenever you're with your horse. In this clinic, you will learn: — How to confidently ride a free, forward-moving horse at walk, trot and canter — To understand how your horse thinks and feels — And how to read your horse's expression and movement All while keeping your horse relaxed and connected, with their spirit intact! This Rider's Clinic is perfect for beginner and advanced riders alike! Ticket link: https://dromgoolhorsemanship.arlo.co/register?sgid=642d2b4aa637491d90a36227cad945a5 ———————— SPECTATE THE JOURNEY TO FREEDOM CLINIC. Can’t ride on these days? Or you want to refresh some of your skills? Witness the transformation from the sidelines in the SPECTATOR EVENT. Have your questions answered by expert clinicians Ken and Jane Dromgool without having to ride your horse. AND take part in the Dream Planning Session during the 3-day Clinic where you get to map out your Horsemanship goals and how to achieve them! Ticket link: https://dromgoolhorsemanship.arlo.co/register?sgid=46eea9b6c34e40f9ab9674700214936d ———————— LIFE WITH HORSEMANSHIP DEMO EVENT Witness 50 years of Horsemanship experience in action and be inspired. Take a sneak peek into what we can offer (plus more), before committing to a clinic! Spend an evening with Ken at our FREE Life With Horsemanship Demonstration! Ken will show you what he loves to do with his horse and show you how you can get to do the same with yours. And Ken will share with you this ONE skill that will make your Horsemanship dreams so much easier to achieve! This event is totally FREE however spots are limited, so click the link below to register! Registration link: https://dromgoolhorsemanship.arlo.co/register?sgid=bb88bbff46cd4760aec1afc28ca004fe https://www.facebook.com/events/248053370021078/

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