Te Anau Helicopter Services Fiordland Big 3
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2022 Fiordland Big 3 hunting competition.
Hunters team up to bag a deer, pig and a pest in just three days.
For children, it will be one possum, one hare or rabbit and a pest eg, rat, mice, stoat. 
It might seem easy to some, but the one that got away just doesn’t count.
The classic hunting tournament will be held from Thursday, June 2, to Sunday, June 5, with hunting beginning at 7pm on the Thursday before Queen’s Birthday Weekend and finishing at 2pm on the Sunday.
Fiordland, along with the wider Southland and Otago area, are all fair game to bag the best the teams can find.
The team that catches a deer, pig and pest, regardless of weight or size, will be entered into the draw.

Check out the Big 3 Video - Video credit Douglas Thorne 

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Te Anau Helicopter Services Fiordland Big 3

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