Te Anau Enduro - Rules

Te Anau Enduro - Rules

The following rules must be adhered to by all participants as applicable to their category:

Event Rules

  1. The winner is the competitor or team which completes the most laps before the 6-hour, or 4-hour time limit.  If two competitors/teams complete the same number of laps, the winner will be the competitor/team which is first to come through the timing chute on completion of the final lap.
  2. One point is awarded each time a lap of any discipline is completed.
  3. Competitors/teams are able to complete any number of any lap they wish.  
  4. On completion of each lap:
    1. Kayak: Buoyancy vest must be worn through timing chute and paddle must be carried by the competitor that did the kayak lap. Air bags must be used in kayaks.
    2. Bike: Cycle helmet must be worn and bike wheeled through timing chute
    3. Run: Running gear only through timing chute
  5. All competitors must display their Race Number at all times during their lap.  
  6. Timing Transponders must be worn throughout the duration of each lap.  For teams, this must be transferred from one team member to another in front of their zone within the transition area.  
  7. Failure to not wear the timing transponder will result in no points allocated for the completion of the lap.
  8. Registered competitors only can complete a lap (registered individuals or registered team members only).  
  9. All equipment must be left at a competitor/team’s designated area within the transition zone when not in use. (with exception of the kayak which will be stored in the designated area on the lake front)
  10. Competitors are to follow the marked course at all times.  Any deviation or short-cuts will attract disqualification for that competitor and their team.
  11. Competitors must return through the timing chute and transition area between each lap
  12. Roads are open and all competitors must adhere to the NZ road rules and regulations. We have a 3 strike policy. If you fail to listen to course officials at road crossings and are given 3 official warnings a 10 minute time penalty will be added to your overall time.
  13. Any competitor caught crossing the centerline on the mountain bike stage outside of the designated crossing points will be disqualified.

Discipline-specific rules

Mountain Bike

Bikes must be in good condition and well maintained with good tyres and brakes.
Cycle helmets must be NZ Standards approved and worn at all times while on course
Race numbers must be displayed on the front of the mountain bike
E-Bikes are not permitted.


  1. Compulsory Equipment for the kayak leg include:
    1. Kayak
    2. NZ Standards approved PFD
    3. Paddle
    4. Floatation / Airbags
  2. Buoyancy vests must be worn at all times during each lap of the kayak course.  Spray skirts are optional, and recommended if there is wind and waves.  Spray skirts should not be worn however if the kayaker has never received instruction on correct use of the skirt and exiting of the kayak.
  3. Kayaks must be lifted out of the water upon landing and placed in the designated area in front of the kayak course
  4. Kayaks must be in sea-worthy condition and capable of being handled by the competitor in windy conditions

Point System

1 point will be scored for each lap completed. In the result of a tie in the total amount of laps completed, the competitor who finished their final lap first will be the winner. For example, competitor 1 completes 17 laps  and finished their final lap at 7hours 55minutes, and competitor 2 completes 17 laps and finishes their final lap at 7 hours 54 minutes, competitor 2 will be awarded first place.


Take your pick, in any order you like! 
Paddle a super-prepared, spectator-friendly 4.5 km loop in the sheltered corner of Lake Te Anau; enjoy the fun 4.8 km course of mixed trail running through Ivon Wilson Park; enjoy the well thought-out 10.5 km mountain bike course we’ve created with an excellent flow of manicured single-track, gravel trails, short climbs and descents lakeside and riverside on conservation land. 
All three courses have been carefully designed and prepared by fellow paddlers, runners and riders to be competitor friendly and fair, by offering no advantage to sticking to one course. This event is designed to find the toughest of multi-sport competitors and reward them for their awesomeness!


Acceptance of Conditions

For the wellbeing of all entrants, and of the event, all entrants must accept and comply with all event conditions.

Route Variation

The organisers of the Te Anau Enduro reserve the right to vary the route of any of the Events without notice should any situation requiring such action arise.

Expected Behavior

The Te Anau Enduro is a community event, and as such it is expected that entrants will conduct themselves in a manner which reflects well upon themselves and the Te Anau Enduro event. It is expected that entrants will show respect towards all event officials, marshals, competitors and security personnel. A belief in what a reasonable person would find offensive or dangerous will guide the organisers’ decision making. Anyone caught short cutting the course will be immediately disqualified.

Preparation and Training

It is each entrant’s responsibility to ensure that they have adequately prepared themselves physically for their selected event. If you have any health issues or doubts about your health you should seek medical advice.
It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that all their equipment used in the event are in suitable condition.
Each entrant must accept that despite the best efforts of the organisers to make the event as safe as they can, the organisers cannot control everything.

Legal Issues

Any entrant involved in an accident will not seek to blame or make a claim against the organisers or assist anyone else in making a claim.
Each entrant will release the organisers, their officers, volunteers, employees, sponsors or any party associated with the event of any liability, financial or otherwise, for any direct or indirect loss, injury or death which might be sustained from any intended or actual participation in this event or its related activities.
Any legal action related to the event will be taken in New Zealand courts under New  Zealand law.


Entrants must accept that they may be photographed or filmed during the event, and must agree to the creation and use of such footage for future promotions and publicity of the event.

Transfers, Cancellations and Refunds Policy

In the event of a change of route, cancellation of the event due to any act beyond the power of the organisers, or dissatisfaction, the organisers are under no obligation to refund fees paid. In extreme weather, or Force Majeure (natural disasters beyond the Event organisers control), the event may be cancelled at any time. In this situation entry fees are non-refundable, although we will do our best to reschedule the event.
There will be no fee refunds for non-use of entry.
Withdrawals before Friday 18th February 2022 will receive a 50% refund.
Withdrawals from Saturday 19th February 2022 will receive no refund.
Sunday 13th March 2022 (reserve day): no refunds will be granted should the event be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or other circumstances.

Disqualification from the Event

Any entrant who, in the opinion of the organisers, fails to comply with these event conditions may be disqualified from the event. Disqualification will result in the offender’s name being completely removed from the event database, including from the prize draw, and may result in a refusal, by the event organisers, to accept entry to any future Te Anau Enduro events. No refund will be granted.


To win major prizes and spot prizes, an entrant must be present at the Prizegiving at Marakura Yacht Club, Te Anau Manapouri Highway, Te Anau after the event and fulfill the requirements as set out in the event literature.
All major prize winners may be required to provide proof of their identity.
Entrants who do not meet the race cut-off time and anyone may be otherwise disqualified or withdrawn from the race will be given a DNF and will not be eligible for spot prizes.

Signing on behalf of others

If you are completing this entry on behalf of others e.g. on behalf of minors, then you must have them read these Terms and Conditions and obtain their permission (also in the case of a minor, their caregiver) to complete this entry on their behalf. By making the below declaration, you will be deemed to be also making it on behalf of those persons and with their authority and they will be bound by these Terms and Conditions as if they had personally signed the declaration.
These terms and conditions are binding on entrants’ relatives, personal representatives, heirs and successors.

Privacy Act 1993 and Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

The information collected in this form is for the use of the Te Anau Enduro and its sponsors only. It will be used to contact you regarding the event, and it may be used for target mail outs and emails. If they request it, our sponsors will receive your name, address and email address to send you information on products and services.


  • I agree to abide by the above event terms and conditions (also available on request from us at adrienne@teanauevents.co.nz).
  • I will ensure that no-one associated with me supports me during the event, without permission from the organisers in writing.
  • I have obtained the permission of all other persons (including caregivers in the case of minors), who I make this Entry and Declaration on behalf of and do so with their authority and certify that they have read the above Terms and Conditions.

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