Fishing competition winners

Fishing competition winners

Tue, 2014-09-30 00:12 -- Te Anau Events
Take a Kid Fishing contestant holds big catch
The 2014 Stabicraft Yamaha Te Anau Manapouri Fishing Classic was a tremendous success despite the wind. Some boaties suffered in the exposed lake while those on Manapouri fared better. The expected rain didn't come through during Sunday and a good time was had by all.


The choice of Stabicraft boats went to Alex Caird from Te Anau this year. He choose the Stabicraft Fisher 1410 to take home and had great plans of where he was going to go in it. As a first time entrant he had been really confident to friends and family that he was going to win the boat!

Other results were:

Furthest Travelled: Robert Buelink, Auckland

Heaviest Perch: Grant Shaw

Family 1st: Carla Swale
Family 2nd: Smellie Family
Family 3rd: Cockburn Family
Family 4th: Spence Family

Child Lake Overall Condition Factor (CF): Harrison Malcolm (Brown Male)
Brown Female CF: Jake Williams
Rainbow Male CF: Ben Symon
Raibow Female CF: Connor McRae

Junior Overall CF: Jake White (Brown Male)
Brown Female CF: Bryn Gorman
Rainbow Male CF: Blake Tippett
Rainbow Female CF: Alice Perniskie

Womens Overall CF: Brenda Gill (Brown Male)
Brown Female CF: Sue Tree
Rainbow Male CF: Sally Melvill
Rainbow Female CF: Louise Copland

Mens Overall CF: John Auld (Brown Female)
Brown Male CF: John Heath
Rainbow Male CF: Neville Laurenson
Rainbow Female CF: Chris Wylie

Shoot Out: 1st out: Ian Hill
2nd out: Craig Herron
3rd out: Michael Upchurch
4th out: Grant Shaw

Fish Jet Take a Kid Fishing

Weight 1st: James Armitage
Weight 2nd: William Ferguson
Weight 3rd=: Ryan Ferguson & Aiden Good

Longest Trout: Connor MacRae
Longest Salmon: Kaitlyn Fair

Congratulations to all the prize winners. We hope to see everyone back for another great Fishing Classic next year.

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